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Thanks for your interest in the Bustybrits Affiliate program. Once you signup, and we have checked your site, we will give you the URL of our Affiliate section.

We pay 50% of all revenue (after CCbill charges) for all signups and subsequent rebills for the life of the membership. This applies to all Membership types we support.

At present these are as follows :-


30 days $19.99, recurring each 30 days thereafter $19.95
30 days $24.99, Non-Recurring
90 days $59.99, Non-Recurring


From time to time we run a 3 day trial membership, again you would qualify for 50% of this.


Galleries / Image Sets to download
We offer a number of Gallery Zips each with between 15 and 20 images plus thumbnails. We have also included a sample index.htm page with a Bustybrits Banner and background. How you use the images is up to you, however feel free to use the enclosed index.htm.


Hosted Galleries
We have a number of hosted galleries already in place. We add new hosted galleries regularly. The design changes from gallery to gallery. You may setup your own galleries and hotlink to the images on our site, provided of course, that youlink back to our signup page. Hotlinking to our images for the purposes of contructing your own site (free or pay) is strictly forbidden


We regularly send out a newsletter email. This informs you of the latest FHGs and of any important changes we have made to the site, for example signup pages, new girls etc.

How to Sign up as an Affiliate
1. If you have not yet signed up under a CCBill sponsored affiliate program you can



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2. Cut and Paste this html code into the html of your webpage. This will automatically load the banner from our site, so your bandwidth is not affected. You will need to change XXXXXX with your OWN CCBill Affiliate ID.     <A HREF="http://refer.ccbill.com/cgi-bin/clicks.cgi?CA=904035-0002&PA=XXXXXX&BAN=0&HTML=http://www.bustybrits.com/tour/index.php">
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